Thursday, October 11, 2012

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Pacquiao true feelings in his fights

Many viewers around the world are not convinced in Pacquiao and Bradley fights and many say that this is one of the cruel desicion made. sobrang napaka walang kwenta ang resulta nito andaming nanood dito sa Pilipinas tapos ganoon lang ang resulta ng laban. many points for Manny but still the result is for Bradley. maraming nagsasabi na dinaya. di ko nga ba maintindihan andami naman nakaka alam at kahit bata alam ang resulta ng larong iyon talagang panalo ang Champion sa Boxing Manny Pacquiao.  maraming na dismaya sa resulta ng larong iyong. at dahil din sa larong iyon andaming nalugi sa negosyo, natalo sa pusta dahil talagang alam ng marami na si Champion Pacquiao ang panalo sa larong iyon. And that is why many expert and many users in the internet and sending reason for this event. that the true winner is Manny Pacquiao. 

Ayon sa balita inaayos na ata. pero ayon sa napanood ko parang Senado ang resulta ng laban napakatagal ang reaction para doon. kaya standby nalang tayo .. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Simsimi Chat Online Review

Simsimi, an app for Os and iPhone clients, is getting the group by environment. 2.7 million people are already using it, and that huge variety is expected to create over the next few a few several weeks as idea develops about this contemporary and exciting app. Simsimi is a application that has the ability to talk about with clients about a a lot of different topics. Simsimi also has the ability to comprehend from each and every personal it converses with. It stores information from all of its relationships. So, when you words Simsimi about a certain topic, it is able to talk about with you based on information about that topic it’s acquired from relationships with other clients.
Simsimi is a little like SmarterChild, the AOL Immediate Messenger talk about bot of the starting 2000s, but it can talk about about a much greater variety of components. SmarterChild and other similar talk about robots of historical times were only able to talk about about what designers established that they know, which was often typical topics like the components and existing actions. Simsimi can talk about about just about anything because its knowing occurs from relationships with everyday clients.
If you have used Simsimi, you have probably found that some of its side effects are very insane. Developers want Simsimi to be useful and exciting, so never be surprised if Simsimi has you ROFL. For example, when you ask a issue about She Lohan, Simsimi may response coming back with a quip about her time spent in jail and/or recovery. Thanks to the many relationships the application has had with clients about well-known way of life, it’s become an expert at spewing out pleasant well-known way of life resources.
Some clients have described similarities between Simsimi and Siri. They are both robots that can do some very awesome components. Simsimi ranges from Siri because it cannot vocalize anything or look up information on The google for you. Siri’s ideal for when you need your recommended Native indian restaurant’s huge variety. And Simsimi’s fantastic for when you want to talk about to someone and all of your other friends are busy.